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Cairo, 1903

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Cannot wait for the Mrs. Doubtfire sequel! But, there are still 8 Things That Bother Us About The Original

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While you wait for the waiter, 

in that moment

do you not become the waiter

this website goes from saying the sound a car makes is nyoom to deep philosophical questions so fast it gives me whiplash 

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i’m trash

ill take you out

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i don’t understand why some people want the power to freeze things or fly or be invisible

dude imagine if you could stop time

like you could literally just stop time for a year and just do nothing or write a book

or you could stop time at night and literally have a full night’s worth of sleep in less than a second

you’d have so much time to do whatever you want

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if i ever get famous im going to make a tumblr and only reblog things about my tv show or movie or whatever but everyone will think its just a normal fandom blog and they wont know its me and people will follow me and ill make tumblr friends and one day ill skype my best tumblr friend and ill turn on my camera and theyll just be looking at their favourite celebrity like how amazing would that be if that happened to you

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she’s this far now

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